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The Alugreen SA

ALUGREEN proposes to you a set of solutions in the field of the manufacture and the application of window frames in Aluminum, PVC and Wood but also products in steel and iron.
The company was born of the desire of several professionals in the field, to put into practice their skills and resources at the service of a structure with performance, innovation and reactivity, where the experience of each one, intertwined, added and allowed to offer high quality solutions .
The growing evolution of the group is the result of investments made in regard to the assembly process as well as in the ongoing training of employees.
The permanent search for new partnerships and products, as well as the close monitoring of the evolution of the market, allows us to offer our customers the best solutions by proposing relevant budgets, where the quality / price ratio is optimized to the maximum.
Among our regular partners, we highlight CORTIZO, SCHUCO, TECHNAL and JANSEN.

The quality of a project depends on a multiplicity of criteria and above all, it is never done by chance.
It is born of meeting a will of a master builder, the talent of a team of architects and the rigor of a company. The success of the project depends on the dialogue between them.
Quality implementation is a long-term investment for all stakeholders. A list of exchanges and permanent consultations allows us to approach as closely as possible the Client’s wishes and the choices he makes, taking into account technical and regulatory obstacles.

For ALUGREEN, the Quality and Environment Management is, above all, Customer satisfaction. Each operation is original and unique, thus subject to contingencies. That is why, we put the management of the different teams in the first place.

Quality Policy

ALUGREEN, S.A. studies, selects, manufactures and installs the best frame systems for buildings in aluminum, PVC and steel, such as windows, doors, gates, railings and other structures.

By working in partnership with our suppliers and customers, ALUGREEN, S.A., seeks continuous improvement in its performance, having as a horizon the market recognition and excellence.

The decision-making capacity is client-based, transparent and rigorous, identifying solutions that are capable of meeting their needs, valuing the quality of the final product, the environmental performance of the same and contributing to the prevention of pollution.

Socially, we are committed to providing products that allow us to reduce energy consumption, thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of our planet.

The ALUGREEN team stands out for the competitiveness, professionalism and availability, having at its disposal a current infrastructure in face of the needs of the market and the foundations that assure the promotion and development of the technical capacity of our collaborators.

The implementation of the system of integrated management of quality and environment and the updating of the same in relation to existing practices, based on compliance with legal requirements and other applicable requirements, consolidates ALUGREEN’s statement regarding the market.